A Guide to the best Baking Blogs

Nothing makes the house smell better than fresh baked goods. Baking is part science and part art. Science goes into the precision of measurements and the proportions need to make things rise and cook properly. Art comes into it when you consider how flavors combine and the creativity that goes into creating a great recipe. Some people come by this combination of talents naturally and are kind enough to share their triumphs – and their failures – with the rest of us. There are many great baking blogs out there. Here are five that, if you haven’t already visited you should consider the next time you get the baking bug.

Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

Written by a public school teacher in Illinois, Sweet Pea’s kitchen features a variety of recipes. About half of them involve baked goods and desserts, there are also entrees, appetizers and vegetarian fare. Most of the recipes are straight-forward and use easily found ingredients. Recipes are often adapted from other recipes and credit is given where it’s due. It does not have as large a following as some of the other sites. Nonetheless, you can easily find something to satisfy your craving here.

Handle The Heat

Handle The Heat is written by a culinary student from Phoenix, Arizona. This site has been around for a few years and has a lot of recipes on it. Again, there is a mixture of dessert and entree recipes. The recipe list is divided by type of recipe and also by ingredient. This can be handy if you are looking to use up something in your pantry. Each recipe is also provided with a quick summary indicating the taste, texture, ease of preparation, appearance, pros, cons, and the answer to whether or not she would make it again. Although most of the recipes are easy to moderate difficulty, you get fair warning if the recipe you are looking at requires more advanced skills.

Roxana’s Home Baking

  This site is almost entirely baking with only the occasional non-dessert thrown into the mix. This is a newer blog by a home cook and the entries have been increasing in number over the last year. There are not as many recipes as on some of the other blogs but what is there shows imagination and tastes great. Some of the ingredients may require a trip to a specialty shop. There is a tutorial on how-to bake bread. Another bonus is a selection of vegan and gluten-free recipes. These can be hard to find and, because the different ingredients used can provide unfamiliar textures difficult to improvise. A site that offers options for those occasions when you are cooking for someone with dietary restrictions is a blessing.

The Cupcake Project

This blog came about when Stef, a Missouri woman, volunteered to bake cupcakes for a friend’s wedding. What began as a single project became a new career as a food writer and a 7 year old blog about her quest for the perfect cupcake. Although the site features a lot of cupcake recipes there are still lots of recipes for other quick breads, cookies, pies, etc and the very occasional savory recipe. She experiments with combinations that sound odd and taste divine. Recipe index can be searched by title, type of food (cupcake,etc), ingredient or theme (Christmas, etc.). A section is devoted to answering common questions about baking, converting recipes, etc . Like Roxana’s Home Baking this site includes a selection of gluten-free and vegan recipes.  Some of the recipes can be intimidating but Stef’s descriptions make the intimidating possible. She also provides suggestions on where to find unusual ingredients.

Brown-Eyed Baker

A six year old blog by home cook Michelle, the focus is definitely baking although there is also the occasional savory recipe as well. You’ll want to accompany her as she discovers new and delightful food combinations and works her way through her baking bucket list. Recipes are indexed by category and ingredients and include vegan and gluten-free options. A Tools of the Trade section indicates where she finds unique food items and equipment. There is also a section on food photography and tricks to make photos of your baking turn out better. Yet another page is devoted to measurement conversions and common ingredient substitutions and another to common baking questions. The recipes are excellent. Best of all each week on Saturday, she posts a link to all the recipes she posted that week as well as her favorite recipes she found on other blogs that week. So, you get an experts view on what other food bloggers have to offer as well.

Food blogging is something that many home cooks have started, allowing the reader to follow on their culinary adventures. There are a myriad of blogs out there, many with great recipes. These five have a track record of proven, tasty recipes with something to suit all tastes.