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If you are trying to lose weight or stick to a diet but are having a hard time ignoring that sweet tooth, well just cave in. There are healthy alternative snacks you can have that will cure your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty about eating sometime you are craving. 

If you are dying to have a hot chocolate, have one made with pure cocoa powder and low fat milk instead. It has fewer calories than whole milk and contains antioxidants that help nourish and protect the body naturally. 

Craving chocolate covered peanuts? Have dark chocolate almonds instead. Almonds and dark chocolate are both loaded with antioxidants that help protect the heart. This makes dark chocolate covered almonds a heart healthy snack you can munch on without feeling guilty. 

Want a dish of ice cream, but know that it is not on your diet? Have a frozen yogurt instead. It tastes just as good as ice cream and will do the trick, hitting that ice cream craving you are having without you regaining the weight you just lost. Best of all yogurts contain active cultures that help keep the digestive system healthy and they have  loads of calcium in them, which is excellent for bone health. 

Needing a chocolate chip cookie badly, but know you should not have one?  Well have an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie instead made from rolled oats, dark chocolate chips and walnuts. This type of cookie is loaded with whole grains, which are good for your heart, and antioxidants that protect the body from illnesses, but without all those extra calories. 

Dying to have a strawberry milk shake? Well have one. Just make it with low fat milk, strawberry frozen yogurt and fresh strawberries instead of whole milk, creamy ice cream and strawberry syrup. It is loaded with plenty of healthy nutrients that are nourishing for the entire body, but without the endless amount of calories you just lost by exercising.

Is your guilty pleasure cake? If it is, try having carrot cake instead made with real carrots, whole grain flour and a light creamy whip topping instead of frosting. It has fewer calories, loads of fiber and vegetables, whole grains and a small amount of calcium. What more could you want from a healthier version of cake. 

See, you do not have to stop eating sweet treats while trying to lose weight on a diet or exercise plan. All you have to do is just enjoy the healthier versions of what you want to have for a sweet treat instead.