It is no secret that a few major food chains have “buy one get one free” items for sale each and every week as part of their weekly marketing campaign to their customers. Those “buy one get one free” items vary from week to week as well.

It might take a month or so in order to completely stock up on a number of complete meals. However, by doing so each of your meals can cost nearly 50 percent less than if you just purchased items that you can apply a discount coupon against the purchase.

The question you must now answer is: “How large is my refrigerator and my pantry?” Meat spoils within a few days after purchase. Therefore, you must have a large enough freezer when two for one meat deals become available.

Various kinds of canned goods and dry packaged goods are frequent two for one sale items. Such items include pasta, vegetables, frozen dinners, dry or canned soups as well as cleaning products and soft drinks.

As a matter of fact, as time passes there is no limit of the kind of items that you can buy when you can buy those items for what amounts to half price. Then again, items that are offered at two for one are usually more expensive than the same kind of product of a different brand.

Your daily trip to the market must become a thing of the past. The cost associated with that daily trip could easily pay for a few meals a week because, in most cases, you will have to drive to the market. The cost of motor fuel is the main reason why food prices have increased. That is why it is important for the shopper to get as much as possible for the least amount of money.

Then again, if you purchase generic brands rather than name brands you will save as much as 20 percent on each item purchased. Keep in mind that the quality of such generic brands does vary from store to store.

It is also true that in most cases if you buy a larger container of whatever rather than the smaller size package you will pay less per ounce or item for what is contained in the larger package. For example, a twelve pop tart box cost less than two six pop tart boxes.

Keep in mind that the severe increase in the prices of fossil fuels is the main cause for the huge increase in the price of fresh foods. Most, if not all, meat, vegetable and dairy product prices have increased as much as 200 percent in the short term. Did your employer give you a 200 percent raise in pay?

These days it truly makes good sense to take advantage of every sale that is available. Buying those two for one items each week makes good sense to me, because my once $100.00 grocery bill is, these days, reduced to less than $60.00 each week and there is plenty of really good food in the pantry and the refrigerator to eat each and every day.