Have your Cake and Eat it Guilt Lifes Guilty Pleasures

What makes something a guilty pleasure is that you feel guilty for taking pleasure in indulging yourself. This means that when you eat fattening foods you love despite the extra pounds your body must tote you are having a guilty pleasure. When you smoke smelly cigs that harm your health as well as the health of others you are having guilty pleasure. Likewise, when you enjoy the company of a sweetheart on the side guilty pleasure enjoys your company as well.

At times, it seems like many of the best pleasures in life consist of things that make you feel guilty if you partake in their enjoyment. Makes you wonder why life is filled with so many opportunities – make that temptations – if you cannot freely please yourself with life’s delights. What a bummer guilt can be. Everyone wants to have his or her cake and eat it too at some time or other.

Speaking of cake, just imagine what your life would be like if you could eat all the cake you wanted and never gain a single ounce. Visualize yourself enthralling your taste buds day after day with numerous slices of butter cream frosted three layered cakes. If you would rather have chocolate frosting… all righty, then… go ahead and imagine delicious deep dark chocolate tantalizing your tongue and scouring your palate with sensational sweetness. Now imagine yourself hopping on the scale after filling your belly with cake numerous times a day, day after day after day, only to find morning scale readings continually showing no changes in your weight! If this type of phenomenon should ever become the norm guilty pleasures would be no more!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, guilty pleasures are right there to haunt your conscience should you drive eighty miles an hour in a sixty-five mile zone. You know you could get a ticket but why take half an hour to get home if you can get there in twenty minutes. After all, the freeway is clear of traffic so you doubt you will hit anyone. Further still, your car speed capacity is 160 miles per hour and you want to know what it feels like to drive at the higher speeds. Herein lays the guilt because although you may not be driving half of your car’s speed capability you are breaking the law by driving over the speed limit. Thus, although it may feel good, although you might pleasure yourself by driving at a higher speed, your guilt will make you hope not to be pulled over even after you convince yourself that – everybody does it!

Well, that is correct… everybody does it! Everybody partakes in one type of guilty pleasure or another. Guilty pleasures may vary from person to person but everyone has vices they allow themselves despite the guilt they suffer from doing so.