Heart Healthy Prostate

While men and women both need a balanced diet and nutrients for their vital organs to work properly, dietary add-ons for men need should include zinc, vitamin B6 essential nutrients for glandular functions, essential fatty acids, magnesium, anti oxidant vitamins ( Copyright, 2006 excellentdiets.com).

If a man eats protein, such as nuts and fish, that also contain magnesium, his chances of developing diabetes lowers over time, as well. The problem is that a man might be more prone to grab a burger than have a whole grain food such as beans or brown rice! Fish contains good fats which helps in fighting hearing and blood pressure problems as well as Omega-3. If he doesn’t feel like ook fish, he can get the same benefit by opening up a can of tuna fish. The wrong fats will only help in making a man gain weight and this can lead towards obesity, another health problems. While women take extra calcium for their bones, many of them do not even known that it should be taken with magnesium, which aides in muscle mass. Men, however, are recommended to take only extra magnesium for their muscles and bones, which helps in the prevention of blood clots, as well.

Zinc is necessary for prostate health, which can consumed by eating mushrooms, or taking an added supplement. It is an important nutrient and can also fight illness. While one can suck on a zinc lozenge at the first sign of a sore throat, for example, both male or female, this nutrient is especially important for men. A healthy prostate is necessary, not only for a good sperm count and healthy sperm production, but it is important, for the males hormones, as well.

B vitamins aid in the metabolism of the proteins and help those especially diagnosed with heart disease already. Thiamine and the other B vitamins are necessary to help fight cancer as well. Remember that antioxidants get rid of the bad things in a man’s body and help to purify him internally. This vitamin can be found in fruits, but if a man already has cancer, he should consult his doctor as to what fruits he should eat. His doctor, will most probably tell him, that his risk of stroke will be diminished if he has fruits that have nutritional value.

Just as a car can not run correctly without an oil change, so too, is the scenario of a man’s body. Men must maintain what they have and fuel up their bodies with good, clean wholesome foods. Although many men do not have this discussion with their physician, it is imperative to know just how much of added supplements should go into their bodies in the form of pills. They will then learn what vitamins and minerals are absorbed and which ones are excreted through the kidneys.

The New York Times has a graphic food label, displayed, which is different from the food pyramid that so many have learned about. Although the public may not realize that the food pyramid did i change some time ago, this label is so much easier to read an d decipher. It clearly states that a 40-year old man who exercises 30 minutes a day , should consume 8 ounces of grains, 2 cups of fruit, 3 cups of vegetables, 3 cups of milk, 6.5 ounces of meats and beans,m and 7 teaspoons of oils, within a 2400 caloric intake. If this is done, then their daily requirements would be met, but most have to take supplements because they do not eat correctly (http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2005/04/24/weekinreview/20050424_SEVERSON_GRAPHIC.html).

Let us sum up the 10 most important nutrients:

1. Folic Acid

2. B6

3. B12

4. Magnesium

5. Calcium (not as much as women)

6. Omega-3

7. Protein

8. Vitamin C

9. Zinc

10. Vitamin E

Men are so much more aware and educated as to what is best for them, than in the past. Many men have children later in life and want to be around to see their grandchildren. They are cognizant of what they have to do, to preserve what they have and to keep their bodies strong and healthy.Men are also educated in the area of good mental health, as evidenced by www.yourhealthyday.net. Although the B vitamins are essential for cancer prevention, heart health, and for the help in increasing their metabolism, they are necessary for a balanced well-being. Depression can easily be prevented by having the proper B vitamins, for there is definitely a mind-body connection in how we feel, and men will not feel their best if they do not take the necessary supplements to their supposedly healthy diets.

While men are adults who should be responsible for their own health, if a woman sees that a man isn’t even taking a multiple vitamin, she might want to encourage him to do so. Often, a man’s wife, also sees that her husband has an annual physical; many men are afraid of what they might hear or find out, and will put off doing to the doctors, never mind a nutritionist, if not pushed to do so. It is wise to see a nutritionist, so that one is taken the right amount of supplements, and in the right combination. Some vitamins are excreted through the kidneys, if too much of one kind is taken, such as Vitamin C, and others are absorbed.

We hear so much about heart health, but let us go on a campaign to learn about “total” health. It will probably be the best piece of education that will be received to learn how the mind/body connection works together. Take care of yourself, for ‘no body’ is as important as ‘your body’ and ‘nobody’ will love it like you! Men…remember, it is what is “inside” that counts, including your heart that loves and your heart that beats!