How to Liven up a Picnic

It happens sometimes, you go to all the trouble of organizing and putting together a picnic, and then a few minutes in, which usually means after the eating is over, things start to lag and people start to look like they want to go home. In short, your picnic needs to liven up or it’s going to end without ever being much fun for anyone. Fear not, there are some things you can do to liven up your picnic.

One of the best and most common ways of course is to have the stuff people need to play games, such as volleyball, bad mitten, Frisbee, baseball or even basketball, depending on what sort of area you have available to play on. Sometimes though, just having the equipment isn’t enough to get things going, you have to take the initiative because others might be shy, timid or feeling a little lazy. Thus, you need to organize baseball teams or pick up the Frisbee and start flinging it around to people. In other words, you have to take the lead.

One thing you might want to keep in mind about bringing up the fun factor of a picnic is the effect that serving alcohol can have. In some cases, it can actually bring everybody down. This can happen if it is hot and humid and everybody is drinking beer. In this environment, beer tends to make people sleepy and sometimes even a little grumpy. Instead, try wine coolers; even though alcohol is the same once it’s inside your belly, the effect is different because people tend to drink wine coolers in a different, more social context. Also, you might even try some of the harder stuff, such as making Margaritas because it’s virtually impossible for a picnic to end if the blender comes out and people start getting their buzz one. Plus, you can make ice cones for the kids with the same crushed ice.

Also, depending on the makeup of your group and the setting, you can always try singing; of course it might also depend on whether you are serving Margaritas too, but for some reason, people who start singing together start to feel like having more fun together and once that happens, they’re more likely to get up and either start dancing (providing you brought some music) or playing some of those games that are available.

In any event, the key to livening up a picnic is both planning and initiative; someone almost always has to take charge or things will slowly begin to wind down on their own.