Keeping a roof over my head!

I am going to get more money in my bank account so I can pay my bills on time, keep food in my refrigerator and enjoy each day as it comes! During the process of getting more money in my bank account I will help others become more enlightened about who they are by introducing them to other websites, books, videos, DVDs, etcetera about Universal Laws, which is what this site is really all about!

Supporting Actions:

I am spreading the word about ‘Universal Laws’ by communicating with others on the internet and letting individuals know about my new website called Learning About “The Secret”.
Background Information:

I have been on a quest for most of my life, trying to learn and understand more about God and how I fit into the picture. It wasn’t until I watched a movie called “The Secret” that I started to get a better understanding of my quest.

After watching the movie, it created more questions and I started getting more answers. I’ve always been one to share what I learn, so I created a website.