Lip Blisters

Desperate to treat your lip blisters that keep reoccurring time after time?  First of all, we should know that causes them. Cold sores are generally the effect of a contagious virus called herpes simplex. These sores often take place in the mouth particularly on the lips as well as the face. Once you have this, the virus stays within your skin’s nerve cells. Even though the virus sits quietly most of the time, certain factors may trigger it to wake up and cause a massive outbreak.

There are several signs and symptoms to know when you have blood blisters on mouth, this includes: itchiness and soreness for a day or two, then after some time little red blood blisters will soon pop on your lips.

This kind of situation is very contagious and you should stop this before it spreads on the other parts of your body or to a loved one.

There are few ways to avoid the infection and prevention:

  • Always maintain cleanliness in your hands. Frequent hand washing with an antibacterial soap will do the job.
  • Avoid contact with your eyes or your private organs after you touch your blisters.
  • Do not kiss anyone when you have cold sores.
  • Avoid the factors that may cause the distribution or the spreading of cold sores to other parts of your body.  Factors like fatigue, specific foods, and air and sun rays.
  • Do not squeeze, pinch or pick the blisters. This might spread the virus even more from the fluid inside it.

There are numerous ways to treat cold sores.  The most common way is by a topical medication which can be bought in a pharmacy.  Yes, they offer relief, but killing it is not possible by these over the counter medications.  This will help you cut short the duration of your sores as well as pain relief. Specifically, this topical medicine includes creams and pain relievers.

If your sores will continue for more than two weeks of medication, consult your doctor to prevent a more severe situation and outbreaks.  Your physician may recommend the intake of anti viral medicines.

Cold sores can cured by the use of some great home remedies.  Herbs, vitamins and some specific leaf extract maybe just the answer for your problem.