Programmable Thermostat Sales Scam

A programmable thermostat works by adjusting the temperature in the room according to predefined settings. These settings can be changed at any time of the day. Programmable thermostats are an essential device to have in ever home, office and school today. With fluctuating temperatures and terrible winters, people will not be able to work or go about their usual chores at home without having a programmable thermostat that controls and adjusts the temperature. There are several different models that would suit the needs and requirements of different environments such as homes, hospitals, schools and other public buildings.

The buyer is expected to consider several factors such as the price, functions and schedules before deciding on the perfect choice. You could choose between 7-day programmable thermostats, which are the most flexible and allows the user to set different programs for each day of the week, or you could go for a 5+ 2 model, which is ideal for schools and office buildings as it allows the user to have one program during the weekdays, and another during the weekend, when the building would usually be empty. Most programmable thermostats have great energy-saving features that also help to a great extent in cutting utility bills.

Once you decide on what type of programmable thermostat you wish to purchase, after considering all the aforementioned factors, the next step would be to start actively shopping for such a thermostat. This is where you would need to watch out for any programmable thermostat sales scam.

Programmable thermostat sales scam is not an uncommon occurrence today. These scammers wait for the opportunity to get hold of the innocent buyer. It’s only natural for people to fall for such a programmable thermostat sales scam without their knowledge as they look genuine and are offered at very attractive prices. In order to not fall for such a programmable thermostat sales scam, you would need to look out for the following signs:

Do not purchase programmable thermostats from random sellers. Always ensure that what you purchase is authentic. It is best to make all purchases from a reputed store. Always ask questions to ensure that you would not fall for a programmable thermostat sales scam.

If you are purchasing your programmable thermostat from an online store, check to see if the payment method is one that has been certified. Scammers are known for asking people to wire funds, and this is a common programmable thermostat sales scam.