The Best Treatment For Sun Poisoning

The best treatment of sun poisoning is not to get sunburned in the first place a few simple precautions and you can avoid the uncomfortable and often painful effects of to much sun. We will probably all get or already have been sunburned. Whether its a visit to the beach or a stint of gardening or simply going for a walk its easy to find yourself overexposed to the suns harmful rays. It is also worth noting that improper use of sunbeds can also lead to some nasty burns.

Learn how long sun poisoning lasts and how you can stop pain by using the natural acid found in a fruit that you already have in you kitchen.

Although sun poisoning is not normally fatal it can be disabling and extremely uncomfortable and can ruin your day or even your entire holiday. Although sunburn is uncomfortable and painful prolonged overexposure can lead to the far more serious and potentially life threatening Melanoma commonly known as skin cancer. As well as protecting ourselves against sunburn it is very important to ensure children are not allowed to become overexposed as damage caused by the sun at a young age can have health implications later in life. Children in particular should be protected by sunscreen and sunhats whenever they are out in the sun. Remember each time a child is sunburned this increases their risk of future health problems.

Natural Sunburn Remedies

What is sun poisoning

Sun poisoning is literally a burn on your skin. The burn is caused by to much exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Damage to your skin can start within thirty minutes of being exposed to the sun. Sunscreen or sunblock with the correct protection level for your skin type should be used check that this offers protection against UVA and UVB rays. You should apply your sunscreen about thirty minutes before going into the sun and you will need to reapply when you arrive for best protection.

You should also ideally wear a hat with a wide brim. This is even more effective than sunscreen in protecting the sensitive skin on the face and scalp from burning.

Another way of avoiding sunburn to your scalp is to massage a pea sized amount of non greasy sunblock into you hair and let dry.

If you do find that you are sunburned aspirin or ibuprofen can be used to help reduce inflammation and ease redness and irritation however your have to take them within twenty four hours of getting burned.

Always check with your doctor or health professional before taking medication.

Some natural ways to relieve sun poisoning

Thanks to the acetic acid in vinegar this can be a good natural way to help ease the pain and discomfort of to much sun for best results dilute the vinegar with equal parts of water and keep chilled.and gently apply to the effected area when needed. You may smell a bit odd but you wont look like a beetroot.

Used teabags chilled or at room temperature can also be effective.

Cucumber sliced or mashed then applied to the burned area is also helpful.

There are of course many lotions that can be bought over the counter the ones which include aloe vera are usually effective.

If you are in severe discomfort or if you have been burned over a wide area of the body contact your doctor or medical professional.