The Top Ten Nutrients every Man needs

The pace and accompanying stress of daily life have taken a toll on most of us. Overeating, irregular meal times and bad eating habits in general have led to such things as obesity, heart disease but most of all complacency. The lap top evolutionary looking man is now taking shape or a lack it. Man is becoming pear shaped. And just plain out of shape. Things that could be augmented by exercise and diet.
Most men know that supplements are key to balance all of the bad we are putting into our bodies. Supplementing missing nutrients is key to putting us on the road to finding that balance. The following 10 nutrients are key to a man’s survival in today’s fast paced, everyday world.

#1 Water. The most important thing a man can put in his body. It is part of his heating and cooling system. Helps him from overeating. Helps the flow out from digestion. The rule has always been 8 -10 glasses of water a day, but that rule basically tells us that lack of water can cause an imbalance. Before reaching for an alcoholic drink, soft drink or diet soda, man should decide for himself if the benefit of just plain water outweighs the rest.

#2 Proteins. Proteins come from meat or beans, plain and simple. Amino acids are proteins. They are the building blocks for a man’s body. He builds muscle with protein. He can offset the feeling of hunger and lethargy with protein. Some amino acids help mood and well being. These proteins can come in steak, red meat, poultry, pork, fish as well as beans and legumes. Some have claimed that red meat is bad for a man’s diet. But like everything stated before and after here, in moderation all foods and nutrients lead to balance.

#3 Carbohydrates. Sugar. There is good sugar which is called complex carbohydrates. There is bad sugar which are just wasted carbs. A man must know the difference and how to balance out the two of these. Sugar that is found in pasta takes more time to be broken down. The system is more regulated in dealing with its sugar influx. On the other hand, a quick candy bar or soda pop can lead to a spike in blood sugar and cause havoc after it drops dramatically. There are sugar and carbs in almost everything man is eating today, it’s being conscientious in just what makes up our food fuel that really counts.

#4 Fats. Doesn’t a man want to shy away from eating fat? Isn’t the adage, you are what you eat true? As stated above, there are good fats and bad fats (trans fats). Good fats found in fish oil and olive oil far outweigh the fatty oils found in most cooking oil out there today. Most restaurants are turning away from the fattier oils, butter and lard but they are still out there. Especially, in pre-packaged foods. A man needs fat to help process food in digestion, its being conscious of he is consuming that leads to a healthier choice.

#5 Vitamins. The ultimate supplement. For years, medical reports have both stated that taking vitamin supplements work and don’t work. But if a man is missing nutrients from his diet, what is the better alternative? Specific men’s formulas of vitamins have been around for years. Filling in his need for missing B vitamins (amino acids) for stress and minerals is key to metabolism. The body does not make up vitamins. Man must consume plants and meats to absorb them. Vitamin supplements help fill in the gaps. Water soluble vitamins pass through the system to discard those the body does not need anymore.

#6 Minerals. Like vitamins, these are a top key nutrient that can throw of the balance of a man’s everyday life. In supplement form, the effects can be felt almost immediately if missing them in the body. Minerals are do not come from plants or animals, they are inorganic. Minerals provide nutrients things like calcium, sodium and potassium just to name a few. They also fight off ill effects on the body such as lack of bone density or lethargy. But take note, some minerals (electrolytes) can be taken in larger doses than trace element minerals. Again, be conscious of what goes in to the body.

The following four nutrients are also key to a man’s diet and performance. Descriptions included are not to be used as medical advice or a diagnosis to the reader. It is just information on dietary health nutrients available over the counter. Every man’s metabolism and make-up is different, consult a doctor or medical practitioner for your own professional advice.

#7 Saw Palmetto. Men who use this supplement have claimed it benefits their prostate and wards off prostate problems.

#8 Vitamin E. Known as the libido vitamin. Men who have added this supplement to their diet have claimed more sexual potency. Vitamin E has also been used on the skin to help heal lesser lesions, burns and abrasions.

#9. Vitamin C. The sunshine vitamin. Once claimed to ward off the ill effects of a cold, it has been under scrutiny lately, but it’s benefits far outweigh subscribing to lacking it in any man’s diet. Found in fruits, citrus fruits and drinks. Vitamin C can be found in most weight loss dietary supplements and has been seen as a fat burning vitamin.

#10 Biotin. A vitamin supplement with claims that state it helps in hair growth. This is of keen interest to men who fear looking like their grandfathers a bit too soon. There is no baldness cure in pill form, those a few prescription pills state they stop hair loss, there is something key to feeding nutrients to the hair and follicles. Biotin has been that supplement for years now.

These 10 nutrients are key to the well being of any man. But all men are different, so be careful in trying to the right balance of the essential nutrients listed above. Nutrients are the key to happy, healthy life in today’s hectic world.