Yearnings Guilt Sin

When it comes to pleasure, we all have our little yearnings. When it also comes down to the guilt feeling, each person has his rotten heart. What we find pleasurable most times are not good for us but we do it all the same because it tales us to where we want to be that moment all else forgotten.

I can’t say I understand what guilty pleasures are but I do understand the act of feeling guilty when you have done something horribly wrong but you had found horrible right. It varies with every individual but the outcomes most times are mutual.

The guilt we feel when we have done something bad hits our guts with something that is far from being called pleasurable but well, some psychopaths excluded, who find pleasure in that bad thing they do. It is an act where every thing else does not really matter. It is an act of indulgence where we do what we feel is right for us eve though it wasn’t in everybody else’s eyes.

W all have our fantasy place where we are the king of the world and everything can’t go wrong. We build a castle for ourselves in that world and dare everyone else to enter and whoever does actually has to run to your beck and call. This makes you feel great. It makes you feel in charge. You feel untouchable. Sometimes even feel save.

What makes an act or a subject a guilty pleasure leaves a lot to one’s imagination.

A fat lady can see herself as the best chocolate eater in the world just because she can eat that much and wouldn’t have to feel much guilt about it even when others snickers and frown at it.

Guilty pleasure is that act of consolation where we pat ourselves o the back for something we have done right in our eyes even when others find it very strange and odd.

A patient that steals a plate slice of chocolate when the back of his doctor is turned experiences a moment of pleasure that most times doesn’t live long because kit will earn them another trip to the theater or something worse than that.

What we see as guilty pleasure is actually that thing that is not suppose to be done but we do just to make ourselves feels great regardless of what the consequences might be.

It is an act of sin to do something that endangers you or people around you be it pleasurable of not.

 There shouldn’t be anything like a guilty pleasure. If there is guilt in it, it is bad for you.